Back again like I never left but to go straight to the point the same way COVID came straight to it’s business. Here to share what could possibly be proven lessons tested by time as we draw the curtain of such a dramatic year. The only year where every individual ,unevenly though, got a spank of it’s drama.

  1. Taking a break: Lots of people will actually agree with me on this, detach if you need to, after-all, you are solely responsible for your actions and that includes your sanity as well. At this level, you need to accept that you need to detach and give yourself time to want in back to being sociable.
  2. Placing people: As brief and abstract as this may look, my life became absolutely awesome as I started on this. I stopped expecting the same level of the energy dished out and learnt to understand, appreciate and accept the energy in return, this really helped in placing people and nothing ever came as a surprise or emotional destabilization…yup! guarded my dear heart.
  3. Have a mentor/sponsor: This is even more important for people in the career journey phase. A sponsor is someone who would speak for you anywhere especially when you are not in that board-room. Surely, this won’t come easy, you need to have proven necessary facts. A mentor is there to guide you when off the track or not. Having these two worked magic this year for me. Basically, just find someone to keep you going and trust that age is not a factor, sometimes experience could be a qualifying factor. Your peer can be either of these. Few weeks back, someone I look up to in a big way randomly called and she said to me ‘do not forget me when you get there’ …I felt tears drop because I really didn’t understand the kind of potential she saw in me or if it was just some sort of encouragement but good thing is that there is someone to rekindle the fire.
  4. Talk to God: This applies to everyone regardless of what you believe in, this single act made me understand the saying ‘‘what you believe in, works for you’’. I wasn’t going to share this because it’s a special act but trust that this works mysteriously.
  5. Friendships: Don’t be that friend who would reach out only when they need help or require something, it’s the most irritating thing to do as a friend, it is even better to be placed as acquaintances than friends. Learn to reach out to people randomly. Do not always be on the asking end, learn to offer!
  6. Do the things you enjoy without SHAME: Well, if you know me, I play a lot and prioritize exploring the things I feel like doing. Do not allow the crowd effect hinder you from being you. This has worked positively for me.
  7. Be Candid with your opinions: I used to be that person who won’t say certain things to people because I don’t want them to feel some type of way but I rapidly grew to clarifying things on the spot, speaking up, correcting the things I thought was wrong as they occurred or as I felt them and this has helped massively.
  8. Communication: OMG!!This is a different level of skill acquisition. I have come to a realization that just a few people understand what communication actually is. Varying from your thought process, to actions, to spoken words to body language. Whatever, it is, COMMUNICATE in what will be the best option.
  9. Failure: Show me one person who hasn’t failed and I will accept why life should excuse you. The concern here should be how to manage the situation. Cry if you want to, be depressed honestly if you want to but find a reason to move on.
  10. Finances: Do not invest in what you don’t understand. You don’t have to be financially okay all the time, it is a phase! For me, I get ‘broque’ when my bank account gets to a certain level, just check my face for pimples and you know what stage I’m at. Importantly, learn to be Financially responsible! You can check my last write-up on Smart Money Lessons.
  11. Be daring, take more risks (that sits well with your soul), leave yourself open to explore a lot of things as well

I would really stop here. I hope you find it useful. Drop a comment or just clap…lol!

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