Global formal education exists to prepare students with the minimum competency requirements for the real world. There are varying curriculums across the sciences, arts and humanities disciplines across various geo-zones.

In Nigeria, the 6-3-3-4 system obtains, making students pass through 4 phases of education before eventually settling on a discipline. According the statistics from the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), majority of college/university applicants opt in to study the professional courses – The Accounting, Law, Engineering and Medicines of this world.

Nevertheless, the labour market speaks a different story. Based on information provided by staff in Glassdoor, an average software developer will earn more per hour than an average accountant. Asides from that, the potential for growth in the software development industry is more than the latter. It then begs the question as to the existence of a gap between the requirements and needs of the tech industry and the currently obtainable competent hands in the labour market.

There are a lot of willing young Nigerians with a passion to learn and develop actionable ideas that will set the country on a forward-looking pedestal for global success. The issue however comes with competencies. The traditional schooling system has been over-emphasized by the society, leading majority of individuals to attach labour-market-place readiness to having a bachelor’s degree. This is infact far from the reality, as seen above.

There is thus, an urgent need to have a quasi-school that trains students in tech-inclined competencies. A number of players are in the space already trying to contribute their quota to the growth of this Edu-Tech industry.

Skillzcamp goes the further mile to place students under mentorship programmes, in order to monitor closely the development of these participants. Gradually, this takes us away from the traditional grading system of schools, to schooling primarily to ensure increase in competencies.

The future looks bright!



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