Tourism was fun until the recent mayhem in Nigeria. It is so sad, yet
there are still beautiful places to be explored in the country, which one
of them is the OLUMO ROCK located in the heart of the ancient
Abeokuta city which was said in history to be the fortress of The Egba
people during the inter-tribal war in the 19th century. It is said to be
137 meters above sea level.

Excited about the whole journey, I didn’t get enough sleep the day
before. Waking up as early as 5:30 am to make sure I didn’t forget
anything. I set out with a couple of friends by 7 am to beat the Lagos
traffic as we planned to return back to Lagos that same day, yet we
were beaten hands down by the Lagos traffic but the moment we
could see rocks around I couldn’t keep calm as adrenaline rushed
through me. The Abeokuta city really had ancient buildings as some
buildings’ roofs still had palm fond. The rocks sure looked taller than a
137 meters rock.

We were assigned a tourist to take us around and
give us the ancient history of how the Egbas survived the war.
We had to greet some elderly women who were said to be the
keepers of the rock and the oldest of the women was 133, yet she
looked agile and I was tempted to ask her what she eats to be able to
walk well. They told us sacrifice was made every year to protect all
tourists from falling from the topmost part of the rock. We were told
that during the rainy season the rock produced water that herbalists
can use to cure sicknesses but not anymore. There are about two to
three visible caves where they sleep under the rock.

There are hand-carved stairs into the rock and also the three leveled
stairs that lead to the top of the rock. Getting to the top of the rock was intriguing as excitement and fear clashed in me. The view was the most beautiful sight of nature I have ever seen. We could see the Ogun river from the Olumo rock and the city at large with most of the houses having old and rusted roofs which depict
history itself.

The first Cathedral in Nigeria can also be seen from the top of the rock as well as the Central Mosque. Then it was time to go home which we didn’t want to leave but it was an unforgettable experience.

Goodbye to Abeokuta

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